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Our feet will never be attractive.
I run because I get to be the weirdo

running in the wind, rain and snow.
Effort level for this morning's run:

Somewhere between OMG and WTF!!!
Everyone else on snow days: 

Yay! No school!!!! 

Runners on snow days: 

Running is gonna suck!
Call us JOGGERS one more time!!
I run like the wind! 

OK, more like a breeze right now..

You know who NEVER says "running

is really hard on your joints"?

People who actually run.
Yeah, I earned this!

You got a problem with that?
Running days make the Bad days

Not So Bad days and the Good days

The first three miles are my favorite.

 - Said no one ever.
You know you're a runner.. when your

immediate response to any conflict

or problem life throws at you is: 

"I need to go for a run!"
Just when you thought your boobs

couldn't get any smaller.... 

Man up Princess, we got another hill to

crack !!!
For me, a true champion is a guy who'd

never ran before and decided it's time

to change his life and start 

running. Believe it or not, 

that takes a lot of 

I work 12 hour workdays so I can have 

Saturday off to do a long run with my

group. Love my group.

I just disinfect my internal 

running injuries.
"So, what race are you training for?"  

"I'm training for a marathon, and you?"

"Oh, I run marathons all the time.

Usually those 5k ones."
"Hey, where you going in such a hurry?"

"Well, this run is getting posted to

Facebook so unless you want me to say

you got chicked then I suggest you pick

up the pace."
4 things to do right after a run:

*Hurry and post to Facebook.

*While posting to Facebook 


*Stretching?  What's that?

*Continue to EAT ALL THE FOOD!!
Have you heard?  I am a runner.  What

does that mean you ask?  It means I

run. A runner isn't defined by their

pace or their size or what they look

like. Runners are like family. We

support each other and 

we stick together!!
I am a runner!!  What does that mean?

It means I'm an A$$ kicker!! I might

not be the fastest runner out there but

I'm giving it my all every time out and

that's what makes me AWESOME!!
You know you're a woman runner when:

*you'd rather wear running shoes than

high heels.

*your regular hairstyle is a 

ponytail and headband.

*you own more sports bras 

than regular ones.


and that's AWESOME!!
You had me to "Let's go running!"
"WOW, those 

hills were 


         -not me
You know you're a runner when... 

you ask yourself why you run and

you have no real answer.
You know your a runner 

when you need to keep

your day job to pay for your

addiction to running gear!
The Beer Mile: A four-lap, four-beer

race where boys become men and 

men puke in the bleachers behind 

the track.
So you're telling me you don't like it

when I post my run to Facebook?  Did 

you know I also ride my bike, swim,

lift weights, and workout.  I'll be sure
to start posting those as well.
GARMINBRAG:  A photograph of a 

GPS watch face uploaded to Facebook,

because actually typing how far or 

how fast you ran would be narcissistic.
You know you're a runner... when 

you're stuck in traffic, you think,

"I could've run there by now!"
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