MAY 100Miles1Month challenge finisher's package

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“Thank you for a fabulous kick up the butt! I ended my month on 103 miles, faster, more confident and stronger.”


Every month we begin a new 100Miles1Month Challenge Series, giving you a regular opportunity to reward yourself for hitting your mileage goal. (And this hefty medal is a very tangible reward.) You can begin the challenge at any point in the month—but the later you begin, the more challenging the challenge will be!

Optional: Log your miles on ILTR Platform

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Comfort and mobility, this French terry unisex crewneck is lightweight making it perfect solo or as your go-to layering piece. French terry is the finest variation of terry cloth, and is knit from two separate yarns - one that stays taut, and another that creates loose loops on the back of the fabric, making it super soft against your skin.

80% Ring-spun cotton and 20% Polyester


XS 19.5 25.5
S 20.5 26.5
M 21.5 27.5
L 23.5 28.5
XL 24.5 29.5

The finisher's PACKAGE will be shipped out to you by the 25th of month following your challenge. Example: if you participate in January's challenge, your finisher's medal will by shipped out on or about February 25th.

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