2021 Runner's Daily eBibs Calendar


eBib/ (plural eBibs


  1. A shareable electronic runner bib intended to motivate or amuse (or both!) 
  2. Runners' Memes

Have you ever come across yet another feel-good motivational quote and instead of being inspired by it, you roll your eyes? Then the 2021 Runner's Daily eBibs Calendar may be just the calendar you are looking for.

We’ve chosen the funniest eBibs –the 2021 desk calendar will crack you up the whole year long! 

  • • Each page features a witty full-color eBib 
  • • Each eBib has a digital version on our website –search by the eBib number
  • • On Google, search by the word "eBib" followed be the eBib's number
  • • Upload your daily eBib to Strava, Garmin, Nike+ etc, add your running stats
  • • Share your eBib on social for more fun –contests, sweepstakes, promotions and more 
  • • Tag @ebibs on Instagram 

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Receive a dose of instant happiness every day of 2021 with this unique, full-color boxed calendar! 

  • • 320 pages, full-color front, one-color back
  • • 5.4 x 1.8 x 5.4 inches
  • • shipping weight 14 ounces
  • • plastic easel backer for easy display
  • • Daily mile tracker below each eBib
  • • Blank notes section included on the back of each calendar page

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