A banana is 105 Calories. 

A glass of Prosecco is 80. 

Choose wisely !!
eBib text : A banana is 105 Calories. A glass of Prosecco is 80. Choose wisely !!

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If you wanna impress me with your  car... it better be a food truck
You guys ever just stare at your legs  and be like “these babies can run so many miles”?
"wHaT dO yOur BuMper sTiCkers  wiTh randOm deCimals MeAn?" they mean I'm fucking cool ok
I used to be able to drink all weekend. Now, a night of drinking requires more recovery time than my last marathon.
There's no place like home.  To poop.
Anyone else trying to guess the  pace of a runner as they pass you?  Yeah same
There's a new sex position called "9" It's just me... laying there... I don't have a sex life... I'm "in training"
Whenever I see someone running  faster than me I say "They're not going as far" –takes the sting out of it
I'm not sure if people driving by are staring at me because I'm running, or because I'm talking to myself.
A banana is 105 Calories.  A glass of Prosecco is 80.  Choose wisely !!
Why date a runner?? Because you like being with people who LOOK like they'd be good in bed –but in reality are usually too tired or injured to  ACTUALLY be good in bed
You know you're a runner when...  you see another person running  and get jealous
DIET TIP: Your pants will never get too tight  if you don't wear any.
No matter how fire your selfies are, your race pics will always humble you
I always put my music on shuffle but then I get annoyed af when it doesn't  play the songs I want
GROUP RUN;  5 minutes of friendly conversation followed by 1 hour of listening to lots of people breathing really hard.
There is no magic pill. No special shake.  No secret diet.  Just get off your ass!!!
Anyone else feel personally attacked  by the non-runners when they ask  "Did you win it" after a marathon?
I was meant to be rich I can tell by  the way I spend money
I don't know who needs to hear this, but if your dog is fat, you ain’t getting enough exercise
Non-runners: it's still summer, there's no need to rush into fall   Runners:
Happy Labor Day!!  Cheers to those that put in the work.
Aging is not a disease It's an  opportunity.... To qualify for Boston.
I ran 5 miles this morning.. So if I did the math right, that entitles me  to 3 pounds of chocolate  and 2 bottles of wine.
I wish I loved hill repeats as much as I love my "recovery drink"
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