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Forget about all of those years toiling away in obscurity. Add your face to our eBib avatars gallery (on our platform and GIPHY -serach ebibs) and get ready to be seen by millions of people! 

Send us few photos and our artists will transform it into a full-color, high-resolution eBib avatar (300DPI ready for print 12x18 inches!), delivered digitally straight to your in-box. 

NOTE: The $48 price is for a single eBib avatar - please multiply for photos including more than one person. (your dog counts as a person!) Before sending your photo(s), please click DETAILS for specs and copyright info

Email your photo(s) and the order number for your purchase (it's on your receipt) to art@ilovetorun.org


Email your photo(s) and the order number for your purchase (it's on your receipt) to art@ilovetorun.org

PHOTO REFERENCE: The quality of the photo reference makes a great deal of difference in how well the final art turns out. Photos that do not show the face clearly, will prevent us from being able to capture them properly in caricature.  We are at the mercy of the photos we are given. Pictures that are recent, of good quality, and preferable show me expressions you consider to be indicative of the subject work best. Multiple angles of the face are also very helpful.

Digital delivery in your e-mail (printable, high resolution 300DPI).

  • Turnaround, 7 to14 days (let us know if you need it sooner).
  • The idea printable size is 12 x 18 inches
  • GREAT resemblance to the photos you provide.
  • You'll be part of our eBib Avatars FOREVER! 
  • Email your photo(s) and your Order Number of your purchase to art@ilovetorun.org


ILTR LLC (ilovetorun.org) retains ownership and copyright over all eBibs avatars, however, this is NOT restrictive. With the exception of commercial use, you are able to use and reprint your  eBib avatar as you wish for private purposes. For commercial use full copyright release is by negotiation. 

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