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Me: I'll add 2 miles to my long run... How harder could it be?  Also me:
First we do the running, then we do the things...
If you eat GU on your off days from running, are you a weirdo?  Asking for  a friend.
You know you're a runner when  something cracks almost every time you move
Me: I'll run 5 today  Garmin: 5.12 miles Me: wow looks like I gotta run 6 now
"Money can't buy you happiness." My friend and I buying happiness:
OMG! I haven't seen you in forever! Let's stand in everyone's way and talk about our annoying kids
Being on social media may waste my time but at least it also makes me angry and  increases my chances  to go for a run
I don't run through injury–that would be stupid. I simply refuse to believe the injury exists. That's tooootally different.
Y'all ever been in a long distance  friendship with your best running friend? THAT SH!T HURTS
We are 5 months in 2020 and it's  still January.
"Everything negative –pressure,  challenges– is all an opportunity for me to rise."  –KOBE BRYANT     (1978-2020)
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