If you are a person who suddenly finds yourself with a need to go for a "run" in another state friendly towards "running" just know that I will happily drive you, support you, and not talk about the "running" trip to anyone ever
Runner lost for 24 hours during WS100  ignored calls from rescuers because of  Unknown number.   "Please just text me."
This girl just walked into the gym, got on the treadmill next to me, did about 5 minutes and goes "ugh f*ck this"  got down and left lmao  I respect everything about her
Having a small circle is cool until  your two friends are busy lol
Sometimes you run into people who  change your life for the better. Those people are called other runners.
The two stages of marathon training:  1. Plenty of time 2. Oh-oh
Never give up on your dreams.  Keep sleeping.
Don’t forget to drink during your run  to make sure you can stay hydrated  while you suffer
Nothing is more satisfying than going  for a run with a fully charged GPS watch
IMPORTANT REMINDER *You're a  great runner *Training for a marathon  is hard af *This won't last forever  *This happened to other runners  *You're not alone *It will get  better *This is normal  *Training for a marathon  is hard af (aga...
At your lowest, you realize a lot.
The fact that my entire body cracks  like a glowstick whenever I move and  yet refuses to glow is very disappointing
The runner urge to check yourself out  in store windows as you run by
"More running gear? No, I have plenty."     –said no runner ever
People get confused when converting  kilometers to miles. It's simple. Take  the distance you want to convert (let's say 15km for example) and you f*cken  google what it is in miles
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