I don't know who needs to hear this, but if your dog is fat, you ain't getting enough exercise
Told this new guy at work about how I skip lunch just to put my miles in and the next day he pulls out a hot chicken shawarma out of his bag for me  sayin he doesn't want me  to be hungry is he in love  with me yes or no
Only 58 days, 12 hrs and 35 more years until I'm running Boston
"bRUNch" after a long run is hella dangerous. 1 minute you're having bottomless mimosas with  your squad and the next  you're sending "u up"  text at 11:50am
To the people who carry ibuprofen  just know I truly appreciate you
The relationship hit different when  y'all start off as running buddies
Top Seven Things About the Weekend: 1. I  2. Have  3. My 4. Long 5. Run 6. F*ck 7. Off
Anyone ever:  It's getting hot in here My brain:              .....so take off all your clothes  ME:  wtf why??  still? what year is it????
Me: wow this recovery run really  makes me appreciate the easy days My mind: destroy him  Me: but– My mind: I said f*cking destroy him
What feels illegal, but it isn't? Walking out of a running store without buying anything
I am officially off the market. I'm not in a relationship. I'm just tired of y'all and I signed up for  an ironman lmao
Science:  The human body needs  8 hours of sleep to function properly  Me on 3 hours of sleep:  We run at dawn b!tches!
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