Name a better feeling than going for  a run you almost canceled and it ends  up being amazing
26 POINT FRICKIN TWO. Because my kids deserve a mother  they can brag about.
I nut too quick for a threesome, one  of y'all ain't getting a turn
If your hubby is not a runner you're single to me
I overthink. I overtrain. I overeat.
The truth is you can always run faster  but sometimes the truth hurts
I'm 1% human and 99% tired
How influencers begin every sentence: "Guys..guys!! ......Guys!!!! I'm so freakin' excited!!"
I like running by myself so I can replay 1 song 67 times with no complaints
Nobody is too busy, it's just a matter of priorities
*going for a long run* Me: "Babe, can I touch your boobs  for some motivation?"  Her: "Yours should be  motivation enough."
somewhere right now a non-runner is asking a runner if their knees hurt because of all the running
Black Friday Warning  The most important things in life  aren't things
I care deeply about like 5 people in my life, and about 1800 ebib avatars on  the internet that I've never met
You know you're a runner when... you have this inability to admit that you  should probably see a doctor  when your [knee/ankle/shin]  hurts you
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