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It's been a long day. I need a hug that turns into 3 orgasms and a boozy  recovery drink
If you don't go for a run, how do you  know when to take a shower?
I wish everything was as easy as  getting fat
I nut too quick for a threesome one of  y'all ain't getting a turn
She likes surprises. Not the finger in  the ass without permission kind, but running shoes are always nice
Yeah i had sex with a goat
Triathletes be looking so good         than BOOM dick size of an AppleTV remote
Ultramarathon (noun.) An event in which people run around for a whole day, often on a trail, searching for food tents.
Doctor:  No running for 5 weeks Me & Lil Nas X:      Can't nobody tell me nothiiiiiin'
If I'm pausing my Garmin during a run just to reply to won. Don't ever  question my loyalty
Her: "stop babe I didn't shave"  Him **a trail runner** : "the wilderness must be explored!"
You can play Goggins and #stayhard as long as you want but if your dick isn't longer than your balls when it's soft,  lower your motherfccking voice  when you speak to me
Shoutout to everyone who got through  the day without taking a nap...  Pulled an all-dayer today.  Pretty rough
Don't take me wrong i absolutely love  running... but I love myself even more.  Most mornings, definitely  in the  weekends
I looove wearing sunglasses. Am I looking at your face??  Am I looking at you butt?  No one knows.
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