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"You gotta be a bold motherfucker  to wake your girl up at 2am to fuck  for 3 mins. Stay hard!"   ~David Goggins
When a girl uploads the after run photo: Main guy: (no comment) doesn't like and passes  Side guy: Cutie...  Guy with No Chance: you are an inspiration for us all & u light up my day
Going for a run gives you energy but you need energy to go for a run. Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me
I just wanna do that remote control  vibrator thing at a pre-race pasta dinner but y'all boring
A real running friend is someone who  has a picture of you that could ruin your whole future and reputation
I hate when runners who are really fast come to group runs and start pushing  the pace... Go run in the olympics  bxtch we trying to have fun
Marry a man with a beard. Because a man that's patient enough to grow a  beard has enough patience to deal  with your running bs
Some running friends really make you wonder how you got lucky enough  to meet them
Today is GLOBAL RUNNING DAY. Or as  we runners like to call it Wednesday
Why I choose to continue living:  1. out of spite 2. running 3. milfs
Some girls don't like to run in the rain because it puts their face back to  factory settings...
Me: "My husband has been having  trouble falling asleep." My therapist : "Have you tried telling him  about your running?"
What you call morning WOD I call breakfast in bed
If I invite you to go for a run with me we are fucking too don't act brand new
Yo what up! I'm in town for a race. Lmk if wanna fcck a bit or maybe just suck me off! I'm bald now btw
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