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You automatically lose my respect if  you don't change your running form  and pace when you see other people running
It's taper week so if you wanna go out now's your chance but have me home by 9
Are you supposed to wear the hydration belt over the gut or underneath it?  I don't want to look like a dork.
"It could be drugs," I whisper to myself as I buy another pair of running shoes  on an extremely tight budget.  "At least it's not drugs."
And here we f*cking go again. I mean  good morning
Sometimes walking away with good memories is enough.
MARATHONER.  Because my kids deserve a mother  they can brag about.
PRO TIP:  Running faster than anyone else can  help you win a race.
I have blisters on both feet, I might  have a stress fracture on my left foot, and my legs are so sore it hurts to walk.  But I got a shiny medal saying 'Finisher' which is nice
Another fine day ruined by a long run
I wasted half of my life telling people how long is a marathon
Having a job is cool and all but  everyday????? It's really starting to  mess with my training schedule
I like my morning run more than I like most people
Body: sexy  Feet: f*cked
Fun fact: a blue whale’s anus can  stretch to approximately 3 and a half  feet, making it the second largest  asshole on the planet, just behind irresponsible mountain bikers
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