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"I wanted to suck your soul out tonight but it's cool, you have your long run  in the morning....Night night."
A moment of silence for all the things I have to do but I am not doing
Here I am thinking that I'm getting thick, and my panties on backwards
Going for a run without your GPS  watch feels so illegal
Me before running: ...NO Me during running: ...Whyyy  Me after running: ..Whhyyyyy  Me the next day: ...Whhyyyy  Me to anyone that asks about  running: "it's the best part  of my day.... you feel so  great and refreshed and  you shoul...
You know that feeling when you  charge up hills passing runners half  your age as if they're standing still?  Yeah, me neither
I can't just jump outta bed like I used  to no more....a mf gotta warm up like  an old Buick
PRO TIP: Never apologize for spending too much on running gear...Just sleep naked and let them decide if  they are still mad or not
My biggest flex is that I'm not chasing Boston or any of the majors anymore (mainly because I can't qualify but still)
My wife said she'd buy her own Valentine's flowers this is test right
Before I get in shape does anyone  like me chubby
Roses are red violets are blue don't  make me choose between running  and you
Let's be honest, the fastest runner in the team is always RUDE AF......  and mean for literally no reason...
Lord if I'm ever chasing virtual races, realign me.
Outgrow your own bullshit.
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