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Double vaxxed, brazilian waxed,  and waiting on my income tax
Sorry for having great tits and correct opinions on everything.  As if it's my fault
Older man in New Balance 407 :  "Where's your mask, asshole."  Me in Alphafly Next% : "I'm  vaccinated, peasant."
Fuck runcations... At this point i need a maycation, i may come back and i may not
Not to be cocky, but I'm really the full package. My head is on straight,  priorities check, I'm smart,  independent, pretty, & my  heart is so genuine. Just a self appreciation post  because I get so busy  trying to improve, that I f...
Do you ever miss your own energy?  Like damn what happened to me
I got more trips planned than I got money.....but lord I trust you
You'd be surprised who pu$$y hairy  behind them beautiful pictures
Shoutout to everyone who googles  the course elevation map before signing up for a race
Top 5 reasons to date a runner girl:  5• You'll get some alone time  4• We like it long, hard and  in the woods  3• We do it in the morning  at lunch or after dinner  2• We're not afraid to  get a little dirty  1• Short shorts...  g...
"What do you think about while you're running?"  Me: Walking.
If you love her, buy her running shoes.        – Psalms 26:2
I love blocking people       you ain't boutta stress me out on MY PHONE.
I'm always weirdly proud when my  pee is clear...Like hell yea I'm so damn hydrated
yo I accidentally made my running  circle so small that it's only me
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