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Tomorrow isn't promised, runner or not... get your cheeks clapped today
Shouts out to all the runners trying to deal with their own shit on top  of all this other shit
Do you ever type bare laughing emojis then remove a couple cos it wasn't  that funny
I'm gonna be real pissed if I score a  Boston qualifying time in a virtual marathon and I won't be  allowed to use it
I went for a run 4 times, I ate 22 times took 7 naps and it's still today
What the f*ck should I wear  to the living room today
Remember last year when the worst thing was tapering for your race
Shoutout to all Americans working from home in self-isolation and generating a massive 43% increase in mid- afternoon traffic on Pornhub  allowing the website to give  Italy, France & Spain free  premium memberships
Quarantine got y'all going back for  a sandwich 10 minutes after eating spaghetti, garlic bread and  spinach. Ain't gon be no  summer bodies and  race PRs
Me: I think I'm ready to become a Six  Star Marathon Majors Finisher Universe: oh yeah? *releases world-wide virus  canceling all the races* Me: well played
Your grandparents were called to war. You're being called to sit on a couch. You can do this
Quarantine and Chill?
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