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Just checked my average running  pace       that shit said LMAO:00
Just finished the 2020 Boston marathon Where's my Oscar for acting like everything is fine
"you're up early" bold of you to  assume i've slept
Me reminding everyone that I don’t  do hills or heat.
Me: *stretches once* well that didn't work.
I high-five tree branches on my running path imagining it's a crowd cheering me on. It works.
ULTRARUNNING. Because 26.2 is for wimps. In real  sports, you go until your organs start shutting down
I'm 30 but I feel like I'm 20... Until  I hang out with some 20 year olds for  mile repeats. Then I'm like no,  never mind, I'm 30
"Your 5k could be a lot better if you  just ran faster"   –Mo Farah
Does anyone else tell their pets "I'll be back soon" when you leave the house or is that just me
"When I get into the Boston Marathon"  is starting to sound about as confident as "When I win the lotto..."
Shout out to all runners who will never qualify for Boston, we basic af but  we cute
No offense but Eliud Kipchoge is  faster than you
Can't wait till the weather gets colder. I have too many "fuck this" moments everyday
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