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Sorry I'm not one of those people  who looks sexier when they sweat
You know you're a triathlete when you can double the value of your car by  putting your bike on the rack
Someone is out there holding their breath waiting for you to fail.  Make sure they suffocate.
I recently met a new runner and both of  us proceeded to share our life stories in  a span of 10 minutes. My husband was shocked that we shared so much as  strangers. I explained that runners don't  feel like strangers. We're experiencing...
I've been waiting all winter to start complaining about the summer heat
"I used to hate running."  –every current runner everywhere
Definitely sign up for a triathlon  because running isn't hard enough already and free time is stupid
Top Seven Things About the Weekend:  1. I  2. Have  3. My  4. Long  5. Run  6. F*ck  7. Off
When I say "Sorry I have plans this  weekend" this is what I have planned
Running be teaching me life lessons fr
Getting gas this morning, I noticed the person before me on pump 3 bought $10.00 worth. Where the hell were they going? To pump 4?
Not only is it not Friday, it's not even Thursday
For a generation that is hype on true  crime – y'all be sharing your running routes with f*cking everyone a lot
Shoutout to everyone checking their Strava or Garmin stats on the company  dime right now
I don't know who needs to hear this,  but if your dog is fat, you ain't getting  enough exercise
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