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We've all got that one friend who eats twice as much as you do, but never  seems to gain any weight
I barely got friends but I got the  right ones
A few people who teased me back in  High School and Middle School actually follow me on social media now.....  And I just wanna say y'all  look a fuckin' mess
Be nice to people cause, you know,  assault in public that'll give you  2 to 10 minimum, homie.
My sister FaceTimed me this morning  and I answered gasping for air and  obviously not looking the best and all  she did was start laughing very hard  at my face then goes "Ugh  thank you i needed that!"  then just hung up
Only 278 miles until Christmas!
Sorry to interrupt your scrolling,  but did you run today? Be honest...
Sometimes there's no "support system" ... it's just you & your grind
If I bite my lips it's not to flirt, I'm just  ripping the skin off my lips because  of stress
We really turned "       " into a  laughing emoji
Saying "terrible run" instead of  explaining yourself >>>>>>>>>>>>
No one: Me: God please let me find $80,000 on my run today
I don't know who needs to hear this but laughing makes your vagina tighter......  so maybe you should stop scrolling  past my posts, loosey-goosey
Eye contact then that little smile  >>>>
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