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Check on your friends.  Check on your quiet friend. Check on your loud friend. Check on your always ok friend. Check on your not always ok friend.  Check on your sick friend. Check on your healthy friend. Check on your running friend....
You may be in her DMs but I was her  look out while she shit in a hole. We are not the same.
Fuck it. Just start quoting running  cliches in the comments
Is there really such a thing as a "Fun Run"? Asking for myself again
The 3 stages of running a marathon:  1. Start 2. You gotta be fucking kidding me 3. Finish
Is your phone full of hundreds of  photos of sunsets and sunrises or  are you normal?
Why is everyone at the gym asking me why I'm sitting still on the stationary bike? I'm going downhill, dude,  mind your business
At mile 20 I thought I was dead.  At mile 22 I wished I was dead.  At mile 24 I knew I was dead.  At mile 26.2 I realized I had  become too tough to kill.
TAPER WEEK.   I'm either annoyed or annoying.. There's no in-between.
By replacing your morning coffee with green tea, you can lose up to  87% of what little joy you still have left  in your life
Instagram is down?  Now how will people know I ran today??
I have blisters on both feet, I might  have a stress fracture on my left foot, and my legs are so sore it hurts to walk. But I got a shiny medal saying 'finisher' which is nice
I learn best by jumping into  the unknown.      –Jesse Itzler
Getting mad at your running injury  is a whole different kind of angry
Me before running: ..No  Me during running: ...whyyy  Me after running: ..whhyyyyy  Me the next day: ...whhyyyy  Me to anyone that asks  about running: "it's the  best part of my day, you  feel so great and refreshed  and you should t...
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