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Anyone else met someone at a  destination race and added them on Facebook and now you just  have been weirdly watching  their life unfold for years???
If it's one thing about me imma put  some medals on yo timeline
It only takes one slow-walking person to reinforce the illusion that I'm actually  Boston material
Was gonna upload a selfie from today's run but it's raining and I don't  want y'all getting wet twice
Them: OMG you're running Boston???  Me: ....... Them: Ewww virtual.....  Some people just drain the  fucking nice out of you
Not sure if I'm out of shape or  I just suck
"My boobs are bigger than yours"  "Dad, that's not funny!"
It's crazy how many people try to  talk to you after one good picture
You know you're a runner when...  You can run 6 miles nonstop and still  feel out of shape
Runners toasting at the post-race  party: "To Pfizer!"
Shorts weather is finally here.... Gotta  shave my legs. But I only shave my kitty if  I'm 100% positive I'm getting laid.... There's no point in peeling  a potato if you're not  going to mash it
Anxiety is horrid. But being a person  prone to the deep sensitivity anxiety  entails can also mean that u develop curiosity, u feel art deeply, u dissapear  into books like other lives, ur sexual imagination becomes wilder, foods  become...
*eats correctly* *stretches* *warms up* *cool downs* *doesn't run too much*  body: that's cool, but  here's an injury
I bet when Cheetahs race and one of  them cheats, the other one goes like  "Man, you're such a Cheetah!" And they laugh and eat a zebra or whatever
Hey I just wanted to say that nobody from this group is going to heaven.  Just so you all know,..
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