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Not sure if I'm out of shape or  I just suck
"My boobs are bigger than yours"  "Dad, that's not funny!"
It's crazy how many people try to  talk to you after one good picture
You know you're a runner when...  You can run 6 miles nonstop and still  feel out of shape
Runners toasting at the post-race  party: "To Pfizer!"
Shorts weather is finally here.... Gotta  shave my legs. But I only shave my kitty if  I'm 100% positive I'm getting laid.... There's no point in peeling  a potato if you're not  going to mash it
Anxiety is horrid. But being a person  prone to the deep sensitivity anxiety  entails can also mean that u develop curiosity, u feel art deeply, u dissapear  into books like other lives, ur sexual imagination becomes wilder, foods  become...
*eats correctly* *stretches* *warms up* *cool downs* *doesn't run too much*  body: that's cool, but  here's an injury
I bet when Cheetahs race and one of  them cheats, the other one goes like  "Man, you're such a Cheetah!" And they laugh and eat a zebra or whatever
Hey I just wanted to say that nobody from this group is going to heaven.  Just so you all know,..
*mile 18 long run* "No one has ever done that for me before" "I have Covid, I can't smell it.... I can't  taste it"
#StayHard      endurance runner:  "What are you looking for?" Me: "The rest of the dick  you promised me."
She can be sweet, gentle, intelligent and classy, and still fuck the soul right out  of you like a beast
Behind every strong person is a story  that gave them no choice.
Suicide is not  selfish. Suicide is,  normally, death caused by the illness  of depression. It is the final symptom. A final collapse under unbearable  weight. Suicide is a tragedy. If  you have never been close  to that edge try not to j...
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