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For a generation that is hype on true  crime – y'all be sharing your running routes with f*cking everyone a lot
Shoutout to everyone checking their Strava or Garmin stats on the company  dime right now
I don't know who needs to hear this,  but if your dog is fat, you ain't getting  enough exercise
No offense to myself but wtf am i  doing
Running shoes $170 socks $24 GPS watch $480 energy gel & chews $90 hydration drink mix $120... Someone  who is good at the economy   pls help me balance this.  My family is dying
Stages of running an ultra: 1. Start 2. You gotta be f*cking kidding me 3. Finish
Money been buying my happiness so y'all definitely lied
You know you're a runner when you  can run 6 miles nonstop and still feel  out of shape
Global Running Day:  Like Christmas,  but with blisters instead of presents
In honor of Global Running Day i'm  gonna go for a run and then  work on my six-pack
For run streakers Global Running Day is like Groundhog Day - we'll run today, just like we ran yesterday,  and the day before  that, and the day  before that, and...
Injured on this Global Running Day?? That's OK –you can defer till next year's Global Running Day.
I'm all for saving money until it comes to running shoes
Nobody:  Me: *stops in the middle of the road  to take a selfie*
"PAIN is just the french word for  bread. Stay hard!"    ~ David Goggins
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