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Me: I'll increase my long run distance by 2 miles... How harder could it be?   Also me:
The fact that stretching works but  only if you do it all the time.......toxic
"If you skip a run because it's too hot, you're a lil bitch."             – Old Chinese Saying
You and I are more than running friends. We're like a really small gang.
Sometimes you're not sad, you just  need running gear
"If you aren't happy with your race  times, try running a little bit faster" – Eliud Kipchoge
I really wish we had subtitles in real life because I really don't be hearing shit
I believe in real racing. Old school racing.  I don't know wtf y'all doing these days  but it ain't it
To all the runners who are rude for no reason. You're not "savage" sweetie you're just mannerless
I don't run through injury – that would  be stupid. I simply refuse to believe the injury exists. That's tooootally different
Sometimes you just have to spend $400 on a hypervolt massage gun  and hope it fixes the rest of  your life too
“Praise the Lord!!! A ‘Babe’ has risen.”
Might put the tree up and call it a year
Kinda hate rest days but whatever
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