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You might be a runner if.... you hate  when training runs don't end exactly on a whole number, but for some reason  you have NO PROBLEM with the numbers13.1and 26.2
A lifestyle change begins with a vision and a single step.
So running naked apparently means no music, no watch, no GPS, no electronics period. That would have been nice to know an hour ago.
""It could be drugs," I whisper to myself  as I buy another pair of running shoes  on an extremely tight budget. "At least it's not drugs.""
I skip instagram stories too fast and I end up voting on things by accident so  I'm sorry if I said your dog was ugly
Your first six emojis explains  your life right now.   No cheating.
So if I go running in the morning just to  burn enough calories to make  up for my drinking at night,  does that make me a runner  or an alcoholic?
I tell y'all what should be mandated.  DEODORANT!!!!!
Teach your children the joy of running  and they'll never have enough money  to buy drugs
Being an athlete is a state of mind which is not bound by age, performance or place in the running pack.    –Jeff Galloway
Me contemplating wtf i'm going to do  with my life because it's raining and  i hate treadmills
I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm  100% never going to qualify for Boston
My parents still haven't apologized to me for making me unathletic
Did it hurt? When you got into your  dream race and you DNFed because  you're an IPOS?
Did it hurt? When you finally scored  a Local Legend status on a segment  and got ZERO kudos?
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