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PSALM 26:2 "Test me, Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind"
When Karen asks what you’re training for... “LIFE, Karen. I’m training for LIFE.”
I hate going to the kitchen after my  long run and finding out i'm the only  snack in the house
Does anyone else whisper "what the f*ck" to themselves at least 57 times in the first 2 miles or is it just me
I actually have feelings for my bed
There should be a championship where athletes can take as many drugs as they want. Like f*ck it, let's see how fast humans can really run
Sometimes I wonder if all these running injuries are happening because I didn't forward that message to 10 people
People be like, “I got 99 problems...” and I’m over here like,   “...have you  ever tried  running?”
Me: I'll add 2 miles to my long run... How harder could it be?  Also me:
First we do the running, then we do the things...
If you eat GU on your off days from running, are you a weirdo?  Asking for  a friend.
You know you're a runner when  something cracks almost every time you move
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