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Holly shit!!! The 2022 Boston Marathon  "cut-off" time is 0 minutes, 0 seconds!!! LET'S DO ANAL!!!!!!!
Thanks to running I have no titties BUT MY ASS flat too goodnight
This year went by so fast I ain't even got to lose weight
You bitches too old to be flirting and not fucking
Ima be honest... I pay zero attention to gas prices. Tf ima do bout it... walk to practice?
Experts: A serving size of chips is  10 chips. Runners: I eat 10 chips while  standing in the pantry with  the bag open, trying to decide  if I want to eat chips
Coffee is so confident.  It's just a wet bean, and it's like, "I'm worth $5.75 and you  need me, bitch."
When you're on the runningwarehouse website and your husband asks "do you really need that?" Do I really need you, Greg?
Most common thoughts during a run:  What in the actual fuck...? How in the actual fuck...? Why in the actual fuck...? During the last mile:  Fuck yeah baby!! That's  what I call a good run.   I can't wait for tomorrow!
"I used to hate running."     –every current runner everywhere
I don't know who needs to hear this  but laughing makes your vagina tighter.. so maybe you should stop scrolling past my posts loosey-goosey
One day you're young and carefree  and the next you apply a small piece of tape over each nipple before your run
Running a marathon is mostly  whispering "for fucks sake" every  time you see a mile marker
I like mine nasty & obsessed with  me sorry
Sundays are for long runs, true crime  and masturbation
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