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we ain't gotta argue baby,  let's run it out
1 grader: I'm short but my dad is high teacher: it's tall, not high  the dad:
California runner in 40F:  “it's so fuuuuucking cold" Canadian runner in 16F:  “Bitch please... I’m still  in shorts, eh”
Does anyone remember that time when  ur body just worked? Like, just on its  own? No pills, no scheduled exercise,  no caffeine, no planned hydration,  no stretching, no specific  diet –you just woke up  and boom, that sh!t  was good to...
ZERO miles this Saturday morning. Sometimes all you need is  a fantastic f*ck
*IT band sore af*  Stretching: Rest: Ice: Motrin:  KT tape: i got you babe
Ultramarathon basics • left foot • right foot • left foot • right foot Repeat for 3 to 72 hrs
I deleted all the perfect runners yesterday.  Good morning train wrecks!  Y'all need coffee or what?   –Chaos Coordinator
One thing I know... them morning miles work
So you ran 17 marathons but anal is  too painful?   Grow up
My morning run makes me feel like  I've got life figured out.  I don't.  But it feels that way
Doc: I recommend six to eight  weeks  of rest and rehab My inner-voice: "double down on Motrin  and buy an extra knee brace"
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