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If you wanna impress me with  your car... it better be a food truck
"I'm free on feb 14"  yeah dude we can tell
I don't care if it's lonely at the top. It was lonely at the bottom
Me before a run:  I DON'T WANNA Me during a run:  Make it STOP Me after a run:  I feel SO amazing!  Sign me up for the Olympics!
Vaccinated is the new BQ
Running and racing with your friends  really does help you forget the bad  that's going on in your life
In love with pain
RUNNING STATISTIC 78% of runners correct their form when  they see a runner of the opposite sex heading towards them
Can we normalize ignoring people  until you're back from a run
If you're feeling slow, just know that there's someone out there who's New  Year resolution was to be able to race  at your recovery pace
Just two goats staring at each other
I run hard on Mondays to burn off the  feelings I ate on Sunday
I love the unexpected friendships  that I have made
People call me ugly until they find me  on Strava  Then they call me ugly and slow too.
Me, my daily run and my phone. What a love triangle
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