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TRIATHLON  Why suck at only one sport when you  can suck at three
Trials of miles, miles of trials... Millions  of porn sites... but he asked you for your nudes... Bitch be grateful!!!
*todays 20 miler done & done* Me in a threesome: "You guys keep  going I'm gonna go grab a snack"
Hope your run is as Magical as  my Pus  y
Dudes be talking about my uneven  running gate like their balls don't look  like oO
I ran 50 miles sounds so much better than I DNFed halfway through a hundo
My sons friends are so inclusive...they always want me to slip in my bikini and join them at the pool
Running won't leave you on "Delivered"  for 12 hours
You used my Body Glide where?!?  Yeah you go ahead and keep that
Me: "I love you" Them: "More than running?" Me: "Know your place"
Being an IPOS is part of my  personality
Tag the person you have the best running memories with
Get a personal trainer that will get you in shape.... or wet.... or both
When you survive another week of marathon training, eating healthy and having no social life
If you're injured and can't run, I think  we all just need to go out in a big empty  field and scream together
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