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Jenna: “It’s not a costume runner’s aim,  but I imagine it’s disheartening for a  normal runner to lose to a pizza slice  or a stack of pancakes.”
Not wearing black is kinda hard to do
You know you're a runner when...  you use the words 'only' 'merely' or 'just'  in the same sentence as the words 'run'  'miles' and 'hours'.
Running is a lot like fishing… a relaxing outdoor activity that’s good for the soul. Scratch that— running is  nothing like fishing.
You could sleep in on Sunday. Or,   u could drag your ass over 26.2 miles  just for a medal, t-shirt, and a beer....  Welcome to the insanity !!
Jenna: “The Wall’s not real. It's a self-imposed mental block… like menopause.”
*googles "How To Run with a Stress Fracture"
Just so you're aware. Between mile 20 and 26.2 I start to use the word "F*ck" like it's a comma
You know you're a runner when... you  see a sign on the highway telling how many miles an exit is and you think  "I could run that!"
Be honest, am I famous?
Yeah, i have to ice my knees for an  hour after every run, but isn’t running amazing?
Running be like well do you want depression or do u want a running injury
Ryan O’Brien: “I don't wanna say I'm better than these runners… but I am  faster than they are, so draw your  own conclusions.”
I'm sorry my posts on Instagram  remind you of how lazy you are
Stop calling a bunch of TV episodes playing back to back a “marathon”.  That’s just offensive.
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