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*day 3 without running*  Cashier: Have a nice day!  Me: Don't worry bout me hoe
I really love and appreciate how hot  I am now and that I din't peak in  highschool
Me to me:  "Is he actually cute? ....Or is  he just fast?"
Stop staring at my pussy and go  for a run
I don't know who needs to hear this but if you need a run, go for a run. Don't bite  the hand that fingered you or whatever  they be saying
Take a deep breath and remember  who the fcck you are
You're in his corral........ he's in my esophagus. We're not the same.
I refuse to sign up for the virtual "no BQ required" Boston marathon. If it ain't  my time it ain't my time
I've never met a strong person with  an easy past.
Me all day everyday: "stay hard mfs" Also me: "help me put it in"
The sky isn't more beautiful if you have a "runners body". Music doesn't sound  more interesting if you have a six-pack.  Dogs aren't better company if you  are famous. Pizza tastes good  regardless of your status. The  best things in lif...
I don't know who needs to hear this  but don't let the hard days win
No sub 3 marathon gazelle intimidates me.... Cause I know she doesn't  suck dicc like i do
"ON YOUR LEFT!" The runners worst enemy, like bro chill out, you'll never do the Tour de France
Roses are red You went out too fast You started in first But ended dead last
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