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Running won't leave you on read for 12 hours btw
Jenna: “The average marathoner is 35, male, predominantly middle to upper class… I have 26.2 miles to chase  down a husband.”
Once you develop that "it is what it is" mentality a lot of things  stop bothering you
"What do you do for fun?" Me: I struggle
Remember you are someone's reason  to smile. Because your marathon PR is  a joke
Ryan O’Brien: “Most people zone out when they run. I like to focus on the pain  and agony of every step. It helps pass the time.”
ADULTING IS HARD. Coffee, running, and wine  make it better
My friend said that whenever she has a  bad feeling about her body/appearance  she asks herself "who profits off of this emotion?" and I really love how  simple and incisive that is
Ryan O’Brien: “This is for testicular cancer. I'm donating a dollar for every  minute of my race to charity.” Interviewer: “So the faster you run, the less money the charity gets?”
Shareefz: “With running you gotta stay on schedule. You miss one day, you're screwed. It's like birth control.”
Let's run a 5k this weekend then drink  like it was a marathon
Anyone else feeling guilty for not stretching but still not stretching lol
Therapist: and what do we do when  we feel like this?  Me: sign up for another race  Therapist: No
Trying to convince my wife to train for a marathon just so I don’t have to buy her a Pelaton
Tag the most dramatic runner you know
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