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"How many kudos do u get every day" On average, I'd say round about 0. But on a good day, a solid 0
She's a 10 but all she does is run
"I love the weekends because it gives me a chance to get all caught up on my errands, chores, and laundry," is  actually a sentence I used to  say before I started running
Anyone else feeling guilty for not stretching but still not stretching lol
Life is short. Run the race.  Get the medal. Eat the free banana.
*2 minutes before the start of the race*  MY BLADDER: it's go time !!
Raise your hand if u ran a little harder today because you were thinking about everything you ate over the weekend
People who suggest going for a run  and then getting brunch are people you NEED in your life
You know you're a runner when 9:15 in  the morning feels late in the day
Getting back into running after a long  break must lowkey suck. Imagine having  a bad day at work and then struggling  to run 2 miles
So if I go running on weekdays just to burn enough calories to make up for  my drinking on weekends, does  that make me a runner  or an alcoholic?
TRIATHLON  Why suck at only one sport when  you can suck at three
When I say "have a nice day," remember that the "motherf**ker" is silent
I have 2 moods:  1. Overtraining  2. Overeating
When you survive another week of marathon training, eating healthy and having no social life
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