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When it was supposed to be a sexy  night but your 'carbo loader' went too  hard on endless breadsticks at  the Olive Garden
Apart from being exhausted, financially unstable and nearing a mental  breakdown, training is  going great thanks
HOT YOGA: a regular yoga class,  but with me in it
"you really think running will help you solve your problems"  me:
Facial recognition on my iPhone be  like "Damn is this MF really trying to ignore the IT band AGAIN???"
WMM runners don't submit vacation requests. Everything booked. We just  let you know, out of respect
Can you imagine how in shape I'd be  if I exercise regularly and watch my calories closely I'm not gonna do it  but can you imagine
Am I constantly tired? yes. but am I switching from strava to  instagram to snapchat when i should  be sleeping? also yes.
I don't know who needs to hear this, but if your dog is fat, you ain't getting enough exercise
Told this new guy at work about how I skip lunch just to put my miles in and the next day he pulls out a hot chicken shawarma out of his bag for me  sayin he doesn't want me  to be hungry is he in love  with me yes or no
Only 58 days, 12 hrs and 35 more years until I'm running Boston
"bRUNch" after a long run is hella dangerous. 1 minute you're having bottomless mimosas with  your squad and the next  you're sending "u up"  text at 11:50am
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