The first three miles are my favorite.  - Said no one ever.
Man up Princess, we got another hill to crack !!!
Running friend (n): One who listens, doesn't judge and  somehow makes two hours of  running fun!
You might be a runner if you can run at just about anytime, but somehow never have the energy to fold a load of laundry!
STAY FIT.  Getting back on track is so damn frustrating!!
When you realise your three main hobbies include going for a run,  naps and food.
My run. My speed. My way.  Forget the Joneses.  I'm keeping up with myself!
Never make decisions  ...while running up a hill.
The worst part about running a 5K... is losing to somebody who is clearly  not prepared for it.
Tempo and strides today, turkey and  pies tomorrow.
Up before dawn.   Run multiple miles. In sub-zero temps. Do it again tomorrow. Because....
So you're telling me you run outside in the winter time?  What happens when it snows?    I leave footprints.
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