Marathon Thoughts:  I'm going to die.  But if I don't,  I totally want to do this again.
The runner's mind: How we think we look versus how we really look.
STAY FIT. Getting back on track is so damn frustrating!!
Marathon? Nah, I'm training for  Black Friday!
The start is what stops most people.
Told you the Tequila Station was  a good idea! Who's got the Selfie Stick? Oh crap! 2 miles to go!
My friends told me running is great therapy, they failed to mention the similarity in the cost.
There's that moment in every long distance run when I think "how fast do I really want to get back to the kids?"
The bad news is I have 10 more miles... the good news is I smell like rose essential oil.
I used to be able to drink all weekend. Now, a night of drinking requires more recovery time than my last marathon!
That point in the first mile of every race when you realize "I paid how much money? to abuse my body for how many miles??  and another T-shirt??"
No Line At The Porta Potty!!
My friends tell me that running is easy, but it’s not easier than not running.
You either want to be a distance  runner or you want skinny jeans.  You really cant's have both.
For someone who runs all the time,  I still have the ability to make it look like it's the first time I've ever tried.
To run? Or not to run? What a stupid question.
Start long run on the  treadmill - look at the  watch after a while.  3 MINUTES PASSED.
That feeling when most of my laundry  is running gear!
The only thing preventing me from smashing my alarm clock this morning is the fact that is it's my cellphone.
RUNNER: One who has six pairs of "retired" running shoes in her closet in addition to the ones currently in use.
Tired of my fitness posts? Just block everything health and fitness related... You know like in your real life.
Just changed my Facebook name to  ‘No one' so when I see stupid posts  I can click like and it will say  ‘No one likes this'.
The voices told me to buy more  running shoes.
I know it's Monday..  But where are we running next  weekend?
That awkward moment when you  think, "What is that smell."  Then you realize it's you.
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