"I could eat."

 Me, anytime I'm not running.
eBib text : "I could eat." Me, anytime I'm not running.

Funny eBibs

To all the runners who are rude for no reason. You're not "savage" sweetie you're just mannerless
I don't run through injury – that would  be stupid. I simply refuse to believe the injury exists. That's tooootally different
Sometimes you just have to spend $400 on a hypervolt massage gun  and hope it fixes the rest of  your life too
“Praise the Lord!!! A ‘Babe’ has risen.”
Might put the tree up and call it a year
Kinda hate rest days but whatever
At the taco truck like 10 de asada!
It's okay if your form falls apart while  running uphill... Tacos fall apart and we  still love them
When you go for a run and completely forget how out of shapes you are...  Your slow run  feels like a max  heart rate test
Nobody:  Me for absolutely no reason at all:
Don't let another person ruin your day. Ruin your own damn day
Strangers who smile when you make eye contact with them are so important
ULTRARUNNING: Just like running, but slower, longer, and more sad and lonely
Remember you are someone's reason  to smile. Because your marathon  PR is a joke
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