It's all fun & games till ... 

your jeans don't fit anymore.
eBib text : It's all fun & games till ... your jeans don't fit anymore.

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Science:  The human body needs  8 hours of sleep to function properly  Me on 3 hours of sleep:  We run at dawn b!tches!
Runners are so powerful... they'll take a smiling selfie for the gram even when they're actually laying in bed like
Him:  why's a pretty girl like you  still single Me:  i'm an ironman
Are you even "in training" if you aren't always sore as f*ck
I deserve pancakes and sex this  morning but the way my life set up imma have to settle for 7 miles and foam-rolling session
Getting back in shape after a loooong  workout hiatus is one of the best feelings. Feels like a bad b!tch has been rebirthed
We all cope in different ways.  I like running and being awesome.
No one:  Me: What a beautiful day  to go for a run and tell  everyone to f*ck off
My running group circle over the past few years:          2016     2017    2018     2019     2020
*scrolling Instagram happily* *remembers tomorrow is Monday* *scrolling Instagram stressfully*
Top 5 reasons to date a runner girl: 5• You'll get some alone time 4• We like it long, hard and      in the woods 3• We do it in the morning      at lunch or after dinner 2• We're not afraid to       get a little dirty 1• Short shorts...
Roses are red violets are blue running shoes costs less than dinner for two
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