It's all fun & games till ... 

your jeans don't fit anymore.
eBib text : It's all fun & games till ... your jeans don't fit anymore.

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I did like 5 squats today so if you catch me being a little thick tomorrow don't be alarmed
Other girls:  "Some days I just forget  to eat all day" Me:  "Some days I just east all day"
Shout out to all runners who will never qualify for Boston, we basic af but  we cute
If a girl joins Strava just to give you kudos, you got a Valentine.  I don't make the rules.
Virtual racers be like: "Got this for running around my  block twice"
Gotta train your mind not to give  a f*ck... even if your legs do
WEBSITE:   We use cookies to  improve performance  ME:  Same
A true running friend waits for you  when you need to take a dump mid-run
Aging is not a disease. It's an  opportunity... To qualify for Boston.
The confusion of realizing that you’re still alive and well after a  track session
News: "The coronavirus can only be spread by human contact" My trail running introvert ass:  "I'm safe as F*ckkkkk"
Therapist: Are you sexually active?  Me: I signed up for an Ironman Therapist: a simple "No" is fine
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