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Day after day, I create ebibs and share them with the world. I do it without ads of any kind, without paywalls or “membership tiers,” without partnerships or sponsored posts or ads-disguised-as-articles. I make them with one audience, and one audience only, in mind: You. And there are 1700+ of you ... aka ebib avatars.

In turn, I rely on you for support to keep me awake .

I need it, too: In addition to hard costs like web hosting, doordash fees, and liquor purchases, I spend 20 to 35 hours of my time each week creating, sharing, and managing all this nonsense. 

So if you value what I deliver every day—and the fact that it's absolutely nonsense—please show your appreciation by making a contribution... and buy me a coffee. 

Thank you. Gracias. Merci. Danke. Grazie. Obrigado. Köszönöm. Dankon. Dank je. ありがとうございました. Mahalo. Tack. ευχαριστώ. Спасибо. Ngiyabonga. Xo.

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