RUNICORN challenge, finisher's medal


Always be yourself unless you can be a RUNICORN. Then always be a RUNICORN.  

Log 21 runs in 31 days. And yes, you can start today! Sparkle as many miles as you can... at least one a day.

Make it a friends & family affair!  Side note.. if you see a flying horse, with a horn pooping rainbow sparkles, it’s a fellow RUNICORchallenger. 

When you sign up for this challenge, your sparkle (and bling, duh!!) will not go unnoticed.

Be your own kind of RUNICORN... 'cause a RUNICORN doesn't stand around and worry what other RUNICORNS think of it. It just runs and sparkles!

Use hashtags #runicornmedal #ilovetorun to add your voice to the celebration! Join "I am a RUNICORN" private Facebook Group.

We are proud to provide an extra medal to racers that are participating in the IRUN4 program. Please email us.




WARNING: Your medal display is about to change with this very cool, make-your-friends-jealous RUNICORN finisher's medal.. a hefty size - you can definitely call it chunky!

Don't forget to log your miles on I am a RUNICORN challenge page! 

*NOTE: RUNICORN medals start shipping out at the end of the challenge.

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80sRUN challenge finisher's medal