We've got the runs -and no TP!

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"These poop medals aren't my favorite kind of medals.. but they're a solid Number Two."  

PUSH IT REAL GOOD –a 30 DAY running streak (or ANY form of exercise!) starting April 1st. This is the perfect way to kick things off, mentain your running habit and stay 6 feet away from the fride. :)

How it works: Run/walk at least TWO Miles each day (or exercise indoor for TWENTY Minutes!) to complete the famous WE'VE GOT THRUNS –and no TP Challenge

WARNING: Your medal display is about to change with this very cool, make-your-friends-jealous We've got the runs medal.. It's a hefty size - you can definitely call it chunky! :)

OPTIONAL: Log your miles/workouts on our platform HERE

These medals are in stock and shipping within 24 hours –while supplies last. Hurry!! Almost sold out!


Limited number of medals. When they're gone, they're gone! 

Shipping within 24 hours. 

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