You know you're a runner when... You 

can say things like "I'm just running 

an easy 6 miler today" and you really

mean it.
eBib text : You know you're a runner when... You can say things like "I'm just running an easy 6 miler today" and you really mean it.

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*IT band still sore AF* No one: Ibuprofen: I got you babe
I wish we could have subtitles in real life bc i really can't hear anything anyone is saying to me while running  up a hill
My superpower? I change from "pretty girl" to "hot, panting, smelly  wad of hair and sweat" in  under 30 minutes.  Wanna see?
Dear autocorrect, it's never cold as "duck"
Day 4 with no running:  I've lost hearing in my right eye
Y'all looove skinny runners until y'all cuddling and they get lost in the cover like a remote
Just once I would like to make it through an entire hill workout without having a WTF moment
*Me.Every.Single.Race* Not sure if runner's high or if about  to pass out.
Some people can eat everything and  not gain a pound. I click "Like" on a  picture of pizza and gain 5 pounds.
I hate when people ask me what  I'm doing over the weekend because  "running 10-20 miles" makes me  sound boring AND cocky  at the same time.
Took me an hour and a half of motivational self-talk to make it to the gym for a treadmill run that lasted 44 seconds. How's your day going
Does anyone actually know what you're supposed to do when people are yelling "You're almost there" at mile 5 in a marathon?
Trying to get in shape and maybe  running 5 days a week, it's often  called OBSESSIVE.. So sitting  at home watching TV seven  days a week isn't?
If you think you can just win me over  with some running shoes and a puppy... you're damn right.
If you went on vacation and didn't  bring home a medal, did you even go  on vacation?
Do you ever try to breathe quieter while running up a hill so the others  couldnot hear you fighting for your life?
My therapist: Learn a lesson from your dog.. No matter what life brings you, kick some grass over that sh*t and  move on.
I don't know who needs to hear this,  but if your dog is fat, you ain’t getting enough exercise
FACTS. There's no place like home.  To poop.
I don't mind coming to work, but this eight-hour wait to go home is really starting to mess with my running schedule
I think it's weird how some days  I feel skinny and some days I feel like a busted can of biscuits.
I want to delete all my socials and  disappear but I'll be bored
If you believed me when I said  I'm not going to drink after my run,   that's on you
Sometimes I feel like giving up.  Then I remember I have a lot of people  to prove wrong.
Fitbit: Sore today, strong tomorrow  Me: Nope, still sore
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