100Miles1Month Buckle


Run/walk 100 miles in one month (or one day!)... Totally up to you. 

Owning this serious hardware means you've completed 100 miles for one month. (in one day, few days, or one month!)

Why a buckle? Ultra finishers get belt buckles! This tradition started in 1974, when logger Gordy Ainsleigh ran in a 100-mile horse race in California. He received a finisher’s belt buckle just like the horsemen got, and the tradition stuck. The pedestrian version of the race became the Western States Endurance Run. Pretty special, eh?  

OPTIONAL: log your miles on our platform HERE

FREE shipping (US), today only. The buckles ship asap (24-48 hours!). Available while supplies last.


Buckle size 3.5" x 2.5"

NOTE: Belt is NOT included! 


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