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Marathons are hard. Shaving your legs arm pits and kitty all in one shower?!? Bitch a damn triathlon
Sometimes words aren't enough and  that's why we have middle fingers
Idc man I'm proud of myself, I came a  long way, nobody understands.
Morning sex will have you waving at  everybody in traffic
It's mad windy today.... Garbage is  blowing everywhere... So watch out for your marathon PR
I googled my symptoms. Turned out  I just need to go for a run.
Not to brag, but I've run every day  this year
"My Mama always said you've got to  put the past behind you before you can move on. And I think that's what my running was all about."
me:  I'll run 5 today  GPS watch:  5.12 miles  me:  wow looks like I gotta run 6 now
Tangerines are oranges that didn't  want it bad enough. Close your rings DON'T BE A TANGERINE !!
Does anyone else whisper "what the  f*ck" to themselves at least 57 times  in the first two miles or is it just me
"I'm only here to close my rings."     –Eliud Kipchoge
"If you skip a run because it's too cold,  you're a lil bitch."           – Old Chinese Saying
I'm the kind of person who's 100%  down for spontaneous crazy long runs, but also 100% down to lay in bed all day
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