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You are a runner if your only recent

photos of you alone are race photos!
I plan on having such an awesome run, 

Morgan Freeman should narrate it.
Tired of my fitness posts? Just block

everything health and fitness

related... You know like in your real
That feeling when most of my laundry 

is running gear!
How can you tell the really runners in

the winter? ...  They still have sport

bra and sock tan lines from the summer!
Do NOT ask me how long a 5K, 10K or

marathon is...or I will hurt you!
Do you know what I got for Christmas?

Fat. I got fat.
Santa baby, just slip a Garmin under

the tree for me; been an awful good

girl, Santa baby, a pair of running 

shoes too, light blue; Santa 

baby, I want a PR... and 

really that's not a lot... So 

hurry down the chimney 

I whisper "What the f@#k" to myself

at least 100 times during a marathon!
Hills hurt... 

When I post a run selfie, 

I am not bragging. I am assuring 

my loved ones that 

I am still alive!
If the refrigerator and television

weren't so far apart, some of us 

wouldn't get any walking 

training at all!
As long as we have running and wine 

the holidays will be fine!
You could sleep in on Sunday. Or, you

could drag your ass over 13.1 miles 

just for a cheap medal, t-shirt, and a 

glass of wine. Welcome to the insanity!
I hate it when I think I'm buying 

ORGANIC vegetables, but when I get

home they're just REGULAR donuts.
I keep telling myself this is all for

the bling! I'm only half crazy...13.1
You know you're a runner when... 

You've tried to convince a friend to

run a 5k with you because, 

"it's ONLY 3.1 miles."
There should be a REFUND on 

CALORIES for things that didn't taste

as good as you expected!
You know you're a runner when you want

to yell, "ON YOUR LEFT!!!" just to get

around people walking on the sidewalk...
You know you're a runner when...

you spend hours in the mall, find 

nothing to wear. Spend 10 minutes

in the running store, find hundreds of

dollars worth of stuff you want to buy.
Pain is temporary,

Internet results last forever.
I'm not sure if people driving by are

staring at me because I'm running, or

because I'm talking to myself.
I ran 3 miles this morning... so If I

did my math correctly, I'm entitle 

to eat 3 pounds of pie

and a bottle of wine!
"You do not have to pee." 

Lies I tell myself while running.
It's OK to start now 

on 2016 goals. 

Consider it a 

Head Start!
Turkey Trot: a race before a

Thanksgiving meal that burns the

equivalent of 6 oz of turkey. Wait,

what? Only 6 oz of Turkey! That's it?
So you're telling me you run outside in

the winter time?  What happens when it


I leave footprints.
Something only a runner would 

understand... A route that you've

driven hundreds of times never seems

HILLY... until you're running it.
My 'alone' time is sometimes for your

One lap per one slice of turkey or

pie... heck, I'll be here until

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