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I suck at Christmas shopping. I be like "wow this is sooo cute......... for me"
No one: Me: do you want your present now?
It's disgusting how much i replay  a song when i love it
Friends who are patient when you  need to take a dump mid-run >>>>>>
Whenever I see someone running  faster than me I say "they're not going as far" –takes the sting out of it
Having a running friend with positive energy and a good heart is a blessing
" wHy DoNt YoU PosT oN InStAgRam  oFteN? " Bitch because I'm injured,    mind your business
All my childhood punishments have become my adulthood goals. Eating  healthy, waking up early, not  going out on weekends,  sleeping early... Weird.
People that make you smile on your worst days are so important
We've all got that one friend who eats twice as much as you do, but never  seems to gain any weight
I barely got friends but I got the  right ones
A few people who teased me back in  High School and Middle School actually follow me on social media now.....  And I just wanna say y'all  look a fuckin' mess
Be nice to people cause, you know,  assault in public that'll give you  2 to 10 minimum, homie.
My sister FaceTimed me this morning  and I answered gasping for air and  obviously not looking the best and all  she did was start laughing very hard  at my face then goes "Ugh  thank you i needed that!"  then just hung up
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