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I used to think runners were happy

'cause all those endorphins until I

become one. Now I know it's 'cause 

we get to eat and drink 

when we are done.
Never underestimate the strength of a

woman. Never mess with one that runs

13.1 miles for fun.
You know you're a runner when... you

scoff at paying $10 for a movie ticket 

but you'll happily pay 

$40 for a 5K that you 

hope lasts less than 

30 minutes.
"So what do you want to do for 

Valentine's Day?"

"I'm doing it."
You are a runner if your only recent

photos of you alone are race photos!
I plan on having such an awesome run, 

Morgan Freeman should narrate it.
Tired of my fitness posts? Just block

everything health and fitness

related... You know like in your real
That feeling when most of my laundry 

is running gear!
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