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You know you're a runner when...

You get in a stinky mood after 3 days 

of not running.
Scientific research suggests that 

runners lose both their sense of

personal space and smell after

completing a race.
Sometimes I like running more 

than people.
Is summer still a thing? Does warm

weather still exist? Will it ever come

Definition of a running buddy: 

Someone who will not only listen to

but empathize with your TMI digestive 

Up before dawn.  

Run multiple miles.

In sub-zero temps.

Do it again tomorrow.

You may be training for a half, but you

have my full attention!
Never say NEVER with 

anything  running related... 

"Never could I run a 5k."

.... DID IT! 

"Never could I run a 10k"

... DID IT!

"Never could I run a 


....DID IT!
"You can run slower tomorrow... 

when no-one is watching."
Then only bad workout is the one that

didn't happen.

That wasn't a fart...
Marathons are like having kids. 

Sometimes you're not sure why you

signed up for it... Then in a moment 

it all becomes apparent.
You don't have time to 

run? Original...
RUNNING. Cheaper

than therapy.
It does not matter how slowly you go...

as long as you don't stop.
To run? Or not to run? What a stupid

"You trained too hard to walk. 

Don't compare yourself to others.

Compare yourself to the person from 

If you still look good when you're 

done.... No, darling you're doing it

Yes, your 'recovery meal' after a

half-marathon lasts exactly 13.1 days 

& includes all the foods you haven't

eaten in so long you forgot how much 

you missed them.
I love the smell of 25,000 runners

in the morning!
Just ice it... You'll be fine. 

Said every runner ever.
Slowly step away from that cotton

t-shirt and nobody's nipples will get

Apparently, "You Are What You Eat"

applies to finish line food...
Wait until we tell them we have to run

back too!!
Running a marathon burns 2900 

calories or 763 M&Ms

Not that I looked that up.
You know you're a runner... when you 

see another person running and get

You know you're a runner when...

you have running clothes and an extra

pair of running shoes in your car, 

“just in case.”
You know you're a runner when...

You run back and forth on your street 

at the end of your run to get that last

.2 miles on your Garmin.
You know you're a runner when...

You google your name and all you find 

are race results.
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