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Why does it take two weeks to take off

three pounds and only two days to 

gain 'em back?
My Fitness Pal should really have an

entry for running with a 90 lb double

It doesn't matter how slow you go... as

long as you don't stop.
Accidentally went grocery shopping 

after my long run and now I'm the 

proud owner of aisle 4.
The only thing preventing me from

smashing my alarm clock this morning

is the fact that is it's my cellphone.
The start is what stops

most people.
You can be the ripest, juiciest peach 

in the world, and there's still going 

to be somebody who 

hates peaches.
It's a lot easier to start your race

when you know it will end up with BEER.
Not every run can make you happy. 

Running is not pizza.
I think about hiring a maid way too 

often for someone who has plenty 

of time to clean.

For a happy, healthy body, take one 

dose daily.
WARNING: Exercising for just 10 min

a day raises your risk of posting

inspirational quotes by 60%
Running math is the only kind of math

my brain can handle!
Does anyone else keep "emergency"
running attire and spare sneakers in 

the trunk of the car, just in case a 

random opportunity for a run 

may arise?
Yelling "you're almost there!" Is

strictly forbidden until mile 25
Come on Dad!!  You know what Mom 

really wants for Mothers Day this year?

Not those crummy old flowers you get

her every year, but running shoes, race

entries or maybe a new running watch. 

Try to get it right this year Dad.
Rebecca,Michelle and Abbie at the

Carlton challenge before they saw the

I'd run a lot faster if I didn't have

to pee.
You know you are a runner when "No

Trespassing" really doesn't mean what

it should.

Needs to run.
When you look this good running, why

would you NOT wear short shorts?
Commit to the spit!
Not sure if we're out of shape... 

or we just suck.

When making weekend plans your first

thought is always, "when can I get my

long run in?"
Was that one of those color runs? 

The one question you don't want to hear
after training and completing a
A true running friend... 

Waits for you when you need to take 

a dump mid-run.
The runner's mind: How we think we look

versus how we really look.
Yes, I'm doing the 5k. And yes, I have

on my hydration belt.
RUNNER: One who has six pairs of

"retired" running shoes in her closet

in addition to the ones currently in
Another weekend, another race... 

Medal and t-shirt!
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