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The reaction you have when you think it

is a snake but it turns out to be a

If one more persons yells "Nearly

there" When it's a mile away...

We'll stop posting about our running

when you stop sharing photos of your

SHUT UP, PAIN! I trained not to stop

until finish line!
1 run per week will make you quite fit.

2 runs per week are ok, but still weak.

3 runs per week will make sure you

   never get sick!

4 runs per week are just about it.

5 runs per week is more than you need.

6 runs per week is a little bit sick…

7 runs per week: hey, you’re a freak!
You might be a runner if your new best

friend is someone you just met on the

race course.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

And 3 runs per week make sure you never

get sick!
Friends don't let friends do long runs

Marathon Thoughts: 

I'm going to die.  But if I don't, 

I totally want to do this again.
"Runfie"...the art of taking the

pic mid run...
What's on my running playlist? 

Obviously anything with 180 bpm...
Black toes, chafing and hills?  Bring

on bitches...I got a time to beat!
Remember that time you said "yes, 

I will cruise with you..." Can you

imagine how different our lives would 

be had you started telling me no back
Of COURSE it's a coincidence that there

is a race (with a really cool medal) in

the same place I planned our vacation!
The look your partner gives when they

find out you searched races in order to

plan the location and date of your

I'm only in it for the socially

acceptable day drinking.
Trail Running; Because the squirrels

are the only ones who truly appreciate

my out of breath singing.
Running injuries suck!  No more racing

until my hamstring is.... Oh look at

the medal you get for this one!
The Track:  where you go to run in 

circles in order to make progress.
Nothing makes a race more attractive 

than hearing other runners complain

about the grueling course.
Distance Running; because with a butt

this good, who needs sexy feet?
There's that moment in every long

distance run when I think "how fast do

I really want to get back to the kids?"
If you think I'm crazy for running, you

should see me when I've missed a few

I love the simplicity of running.  

Just you and your running shoes.   

And a tech shirt, GPS watch, 

MP3 player, heart rate monitor, 

headlamp, hydration belt,

hat, sunglasses, rain jacket...
The face a runner makes when trying to

eat a gel packet or more commonly

referred to as "Flavored Snot"...
When you find out the flavor Gatorade

at the aid station is your least

You used my Body Glide® where?!? 

Yeah, you go ahead and keep that.
Sure, I have a runner's body. I have a

body and I run with it.
How many 'learn to run' clinics

can I take before I'm a

'terminal beginner'?
Just standing here at mile 25.2 making

sure no one says, "You're ALMOST

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