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I ran 3 miles this morning... so If I

did my math correctly, I'm entitle 

to eat 3 pounds of pie

and a bottle of wine!
"You do not have to pee." 

Lies I tell myself while running.
It's OK to start now 

on 2016 goals. 

Consider it a 

Head Start!
Turkey Trot: a race before a

Thanksgiving meal that burns the

equivalent of 6 oz of turkey. Wait,

what? Only 6 oz of Turkey! That's it?
So you're telling me you run outside in

the winter time?  What happens when it


I leave footprints.
Something only a runner would 

understand... A route that you've

driven hundreds of times never seems

HILLY... until you're running it.
My 'alone' time is sometimes for your

One lap per one slice of turkey or

pie... heck, I'll be here until

Running before my relatives arrive is

my way of keeping my sanity alive.
Tempo and strides today, turkey and 

pies tomorrow.
Remember how I complained about 

it being too hot to run just a few 

weeks ago? I take it all back!
After 20 miles,

Don't trust a Fart.
Running rest day:

A day where you eat all the food, 

buy all the running gear,

buy all the running shoes, 

and enter all the races.
When you decline all social invitations

on Friday nights because your long runs

are on Saturday mornings...
Runspiration:  The process of being

motivated or propelled to run because 

of the running achievements of other

I wonder...

What do normal people do

on a Saturday morning?
What's worse than running 1.50 miles 

and realizing you didn't turn on your 

GPS watch?????? NOTHING.
Friends don't let friends do the 

November's Challenge alone.
There is no magic pill. 

No special shake. 

No secret diet. 

Just get off your ass!
Why does it take two weeks

to take off three pounds 

and only two days to 

gain 'em back?
Something only a runner would 

understand... Traveling somewhere 

new to run a race IS vacation!
She asked me to tell her those three

words that every girl wants to hear.

So I said "Buy the shoes!"
As I was running a 5k, I heard someone

clapping for me. Then i realized it was

just  my thighs cheering me on!!

When you are so hungry from your 

long run or your increase in milage 

that you must eat.all.the.things!!
Some days you eat salads and go to 

the gym. Some days you eat cupcakes

and refuse to put on pants. 

It's called balance.
You know you're a runner when...

The thermometer says 45 degrees 

and you think Score! Optimal running

Recovery... another little evil word 

from the running world.. almost as

ugly as Taper.
I'm glad I'm only competing with 

myself because everyone else is 

kicking my ass.
Trying to embrace taper week is like

feeding a kid candy then telling him 

to sit still.... it ain't easy!!
Marathon Thoughts: 

I'm going to die. But if I don't, 

I totally want to do this again.
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