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I'll have you know, I ran 4 miles

today. And only got lost twice.
I don't always run with perfect form...

But when I do, I'm passing by the

Burns 500 calories running...

More room for "dessert"!
Don't expect to find my butt here!  I'm

out doing my 100 mile challenge for the

month of September!
Motivation fades, but purpose endures.

Find your purpose. Embrace it, and you

may suffer but you will never surrender.
I better get that buckle--I'll need it

to hold up my pants by the end of 

the month!
Bring on that horizon. And besides, 

with the days getting shorter, you can

sleep in a little bit more each day!
Miles in one month...

One number that you will be happy 

to see go up and up!
Why aim for 100 miles in one month?

Because of Pumpkin Spice Everything!
Running. Because there 

is only so much coffee.
Ah, that new challenge smell.
Guess who's coming to dinner? 

With #100miles1month, that would 

be me. Get your own dinner.
I want new shoes, too. Why should 

the kids going back to school have 

all the fun!
Sometimes, it isn't so bad to rack up 

a lot of mileage during your life.
A little discomfort can be a great 

positive in you life. This month I'm

challenging myself to get moving, to 

get uncomfortable, for the betterment 

of my life.
Finally, a fitness challenge that can

change your life for more than just 

one month!
Finally, a bug that you want to catch!

Catch the health and fitness bug and 

join us for 50 or 100 miles this month!
Wondering what you'll do with yourself

now that the kids are back in school

but you're already awake? Why not 

start a running habit!
Thanks wind... You totally raped 

my hair.
"I want buns of steel but I want buns

of cinnamon more.."
We all have that one skinny friend

who eats more than an elephant.
I don't mean to brag but...

I finished my 14-day diet in 3 hours

and 26 minutes.
You might be a runner if your new best

friend is someone you just met on the

race course.
In bed by 8 pm on a Friday night is

code for "there is a race tomorrow".
Pulling those tights back up was

comparable to putting on a wet 

swimming suit.
We don't do it for the medals.

Said no runner ever.
Need to get home. Where the food is.
Run hills they'll be fun 

they said.
Better sore than sorry!!!
"Training is making me 

lose so much weight!!" 

...said no marathoner 

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