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Needs to run.
When you look this good running, why

would you NOT wear short shorts?
Commit to the spit!
5 Lessons Running Has Taught Me
Nicole Scott
May 04, 2015
Not sure if we're out of shape... 

or we just suck.

When making weekend plans your first

thought is always, "when can I get my

long run in?"
Was that one of those color runs? 

The one question you don't want to hear
after training and completing a
Judi’s House Virtual Challenge
April 30, 2015
A true running friend... 

Waits for you when you need to take 

a dump mid-run.
The runner's mind: How we think we look

versus how we really look.
Yes, I'm doing the 5k. And yes, I have

on my hydration belt.
The Running Thief
Nicole Scott
April 30, 2015
RUNNER: One who has six pairs of

"retired" running shoes in her closet

in addition to the ones currently in
Another weekend, another race... 

Medal and t-shirt!
Every box of raisins is a tragic story

of grapes that could have been wine.
8 Foods To Boost Your Metabolism
Sara Larsen
April 29, 2015
26.2 ...because 26.3 would be CRAZY!
Runners anniversary gifts are always in

Joggers bounce up and down at red

lights. Runners just stand there 

looking pissed.
There Is No Such Thing Ss Slow!
April 28, 2015
You know you are a runner if...

You can spot a running buddy from 

miles away in their running gear, but 

a name tag would be helpful in casual
For me, a true champion is a guy who'd

never ran before and decided it's time

to change his life and start running.

Believe it or not, that takes a lot of

What I love about long runs with you are
our totally inappropriate conversations

that no sane people should have ever!
Do You Have Good Scars?
Monique Tudman
April 27, 2015
My "alone" time is sometimes for your

I workout because it's good for me.

Also, because I like to eat. A lot.
Hustlers don't sleep. We take naps!
Dare To Dream Big
Monique Tudman
June 21, 2014
I don't always pay to run a 5K. When 

I do, it is for a good cause. 'Cause 

I like the medal!
Most people don't realize this, but you

can run without telling Facebook 

about it.
It's all about that pace, 'bout that

pace, no walking....
Truth, Beauty And The Finish Line.
Monique Tudman
June 16, 2014
London Marathon....26.2 miles. Bring it

on, I'm ready now.
Trail Running: Because the squirrels

are the only ones that like to hear my 

out of breath singing!
Sometimes, when we are running....Our

shoes get really squeaky...!!!
Putting The Fun Back Into Training Plans
July 25, 2013
Does this shirt make 

my butt look fast?
What won't kill you will get you 

your next PR.
How can you tell if someone ran a

marathon? Don't worry, they'll tell you.
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