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Sometimes I feel like giving up. 

Then I remember I have a lot of people

to prove wrong!
When I post a run selfie, 

I am not bragging. 

I am assuring my loved 

ones that I am still alive!
The hardest part about making a budget 

is being honest about how much you 

spend on running.
I just realized, I only do laundry when

I'm out of running clothes!
My 'alone' time is sometimes for your

I'm always weirdly proud when my pee 

is clear. Like, hell yea, I'm so damn 

We added practicing our pose for the

camera to our training plan because

we want to get it just right since

those pictures are more expensive 

than the race!
Today's forecast shows a 0% chance 

of cooking or cleaning, with a good

chance of a long run 

and a nap.
Some people will watch a movie to

unwind. And some of us just go for 

a 2 hour run instead.

One who has six pairs of 

"retired" running shoes in 

her closet in addition

to the ones currently

 in use.
Do you ever get really motivated to do

something and you get really excited 

about it and then when you get home

you're like nah.. I'll just go for a

Friends who sweat together 

stay together!
I ran 3 miles this morning... So if 

I did the math right, that entitles me 

to 3 pounds of chocolate and a bottle 

of wine.
The more you WORKOUT, the weaker 

HIS knees get.

Because dieting is not an option!
The miracle isn't that I finished. 

The miracle is that I had the courage 

to start.
Running friend (n):

One who listens, doesn't judge and 

somehow makes two hours of 

running fun!
My feet may not be pretty... 

But I have killer legs!
I wish weight was like virginity. 

Once you lost it you could never 

get it back!
According to my calorie intake, I need 

to be on the treadmill for two years.
You think I'm crazy because I run?? 

Trust me, you'd see crazy if I din't

On the seventh day God decided 

to rest... He did an easy five.
In order to kick ass you must first 

lift up your foot.
Any man can be a father, but it takes

someone special to be a dad.
I think it is just terrible and

disgusting  how everyone has treated

Lance Armstrong, especially after what 

he achieved, winning seven Tour de

France races while on drugs. When 

I was on drugs, I couldn't even find 

my bike.


[Willie Nelson]
GARMINBRAG: A photograph of a 

GPS watch face uploaded to Facebook,

because actually typing how far or how

fast you ran would be narcissistic.
I'm just going to relax and enjoy a 

quiet evening at home... 

Mainly because I've spent 

all my money on running 

shoes and race entry fees.
During sex you burn as much 

calories as running for 5 miles.

Who the f**k runs 5 miles 

in 30 seconds??
Just so you're aware...  Between mile 

20 and 26.2 I start to use the word 

"F**k" like it's a comma.
My superpower? I change from "pretty

girl" to "hot, panting, smelly wad of 

hair and sweat" in under 30 minutes. 

Wanna see?
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