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You know you're a runner when...

You no longer hate port-a-potties.

In fact, there have been times 

you've been very happy 

to see one.
Be gentle... it's our first time.

Who says running costumes

are for Disney races only?
Signing up for a marathon seems like a

great idea when it is one year away.
Will I still be smiling after 100 miles
in Oct? Hmmm!
The moment you see the race
Uuuuuuugh, that sure hurts!!  Just  

some ice and ibuprofen and I'll be as

good as new.  Probably should only run

10 miles tomorrow just to be safe.
Will run for apple strudel and a medal!

Friends don't let friends do long runs

My friends are all "Fall... pumpkin 

lattes, Uggs, sweaters"... 

and I'm over here... 

"Fall... cooler runs... Duh!"
When the candles cost more than the 

cake... You still chase women, but only

downhill. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to a person who is 

smart, good looking, funny and reminds

me a lot of myself.
Happy birthday to someone old enough

to remember what it was like to run

without a GPS watch.
Happy birthday! 

May you get all you wish

for. Including a Boston

However old you are is the new 30. 

Happy Birthday!
Another year order and still as fast

and sexy as ever! 

Won't  remember Halloween.

Will have a running costume 

18 months in advance.
I might be crazy... but at least I'm

not alone!
I never regret it when I do it, but I

always regret it when I don't.
Pumpkin Pie counts as a veggie, right?
Runger. It's real. 

Are you going to eat that?
Socks, shirts, underwear, books,

shoes... gifts for your children or for

a runner?
There's a reason that running shoes 

have names like Free, Pegasus, Cumulus,

Adrenaline, Transcend. That's how they

make you feel.
(S)miles ahead put the worries behind.
Marathon? Nah, I'm training for 

Black Friday!
Hurts. So. Good.
Marathons, one of the few times in life

you can have your wife be completely

speechless and not have to do a thing.
I've never been one for museums; the

sunrise is my most perfect work of art.
I run because I like Tequila Sunrise. 

To get my tequila, I gotta run with the

My kids get recess, why shouldn't I?
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