Scheduled whenever and wherever you like! (How's that for convenience?) Just register via the button, below, print your free downloadable bib, and get going. And since no event is complete without some hardware, we're offering a medal for your efforts—FREE!

GLOBAL BLING What’s a Virtual Run Without a Medal?!

This one is a beauty, and it's yours FREE with code 1FREE at checkout! Please consider ordering two—one to keep, another to pass on to a friend who could use a little inspiration. While your running is personal, it's also something you can give. YES, RUNNING CAN BE GIVEN

GLOBAL BIBPrint It. Customize It. Run!

The GRD run may be virtual, but our downloadable ilovetorun™ race bibs are real—and really awesome. Print yours now, customize it however you like, and wear it during your run. Remember to take lots of selfies and share 'em using the hashtags #eBibs #ilovetorun2018 #GlobalRunningDay2018!

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Global running day

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Run/walk 100 Miles for the month of October
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Run/walk 50 Miles for the month of October
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Run and Dab 21 days for the month of October
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17 days left
Run and sparkle 21 days in one month
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3 months left
31 Runs in 31 Days
2017 joined
3 months left
Run/Walk 1000 Miles in 2018
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3 months left
Run/Walk 1500 Miles in 2018
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Run/Walk 2000 Miles in 2018
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3 months left
Run/Walk/Exercise 100 Days in 2018
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3 months left

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