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Welcome to the 2018 Gold Challenge presented by ilovetorun. There are four options to choose from: go for the distance and run/walk 1000, 1500, 2000 miles and/or go for time and exercise 100 days starting January 1st and ending December 31st 2018.

Completing the Gold Challenge isn't about being fast or even athletic. It's about making the commitment and once you reach your goal, there's no other feeling like it. We will be here to cheer you on, provide support, share the miles, and make you laugh through it all! Join a Gold Challenge and make it the best year yet. Make 2018 a golden year!

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Under the Challenges Menu, choose the Gold that fits your goals and commit by getting one of the Gold Packages.

STEP 3 Track your Progress

You can track the miles on your own, or import them from your preferred app or tracker such as FitBit, MapMyRun, RunKeeper, Garmin, Strava, etc to our ilovetorun platform. Early 2018... use the Praemio app to earn free gear and swag with every mile you log.

Praemio makes it easier than ever to get credit and rewarded for all your hardwork! Praemio even connects with your favorite activity trackers! Stay tuned!

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2018 Gold Challenge isn't about being fast or even athletic. It's about making the commitment and once you reach your goal, there's no other feeling like it.

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1000, 1500, 2000 miles

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1000, 1500, 2000 miles or 100 days

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1000 miles 1 year - 2018

Go for gold in 2018
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GOLD Challenge FAQ

What is the Gold Challenge again?

Can I use Strava, RunKeeper or other platforms to track my miles?...

How does 100DAYSOFMILES challenge work?

Is there a Private Facebook Group for this challenge?

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Is this medal real GOLD?

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Is there a cap for the referral program?

How many miles a day if I participate in 1000 Miles in One Year?...

What's the referral program?


Run/walk 100 miles for the month of February
930 joined
11 days left
Run/walk 50 miles for the month of February
895 joined
11 days left
Run/Walk 1000 Miles in 2018
16957 joined
11 months left
Run/Walk 1500 Miles in 2018
2362 joined
11 months left
Run/Walk 2000 Miles in 2018
2031 joined
11 months left
Run/Walk/Exercise 100 Days in 2018
4684 joined
11 months left

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After purchasing a Gold Package you will receive a unique referral link in your email receipt.

Pass this link to all your friends and family. When they purchase a Gold Package, you will both receive 50 points worth $5 in the ilovetorun shop!

Share as much as you’d like — there’s no limit on referral bonuses!

Go for gold in 2018


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