• Who:You
  • What:Run or walk 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 miles in 2019
  • When:Whenever you want
  • Where:Anywhere
  • Why:To challenge yourself to get out there and run.


Choose a goal, log your miles, earn move points, stay motivated!

What gold people are saying


Is it 500 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 miles in one year? Or 100 days of running/exercise in 2019?

2019 Gold Challenge isn't about being fast or even athletic. It's about making the commitment to reach your goal… It’s a personal triumph over laziness and procrastination. Because when you reach that goal, you don’t simply feel better, YOU FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF.

What's Next?

STEP 1 Create an Account

Once your account is setup, you’ll be able to join challenges and connect with an amazing and inspiring community of runners. 147,070 runners, to be exact. As of December 19th, 1:59pm Pacific!

STEP 2 Join the Challenge

83,840 is the number of runners who did the Gold Challenge in the past… What are you waiting for?

Under the Challenges Menu, choose the Gold that fits your goals and commit by getting one of the Gold Packages.

STEP 3 Earn Move Points

For 1 mile you run or walk you earn 1MP (Move Point). 10MP = 1 dollar redeemable at ILTR store (and soon partners). The more you run or walk, the more Move Points you earn. 2019 Gold Challenge is the challenge that pays you to get fit!

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What's included



noun: togetherness

  • the state of being close to another person or other people.
  • "the gold challenge inspires togetherness"

community · support · platform to log and interact · move points (aka free $$) · glorious finisher’s medal · eye-catching finisher’s shirt · private FB group · pure fun - we gave you the ‘Poop medal’ (just google it!).. and now the ‘Gold’ medal · and lastly much deserved bragging rights


We make running fun. This is the place Where Running Meets Humor! We believe running is a uniquely awesome way to keep fit and stay centered, to cultivate “alone” time and also to meet new friends, to challenge ourselves and have fun. We also believe in the power of humor, and that it’s OK to poke a little fun at the sport that we all love.

Finally, we believe that all runners can—and should—do their best to inspire others to run. While your running is personal, it's also something you can give. RUNNING CAN BE GIVEN!

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Gold Challenge Faq

It is a fitness challenge for you to stay motivated this year with a community of like-minded people! You can go for distance and run or walk 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 miles in 2019 OR exercise 100 days starting January 1st and ending December 31st 2019. It's that easy.
Move Points are basically free money! As long as you log your miles - manual or via tracker - on our platform you earn MP, aka $$, redeemable at our store. It's that simple!
You have to run/walk/exercise 100 days for the 2018 calendar year. They do not have to be consecutive. We encourage you to use our 2019 Runner's Visual Calendar to keep track .
Yes! If you purchase any Gold Package you are part of our private FB group, for year long motivation, perks and encouragement!
You can track your miles anyway you wish but we do encourage you to use our platform on ilovetorun.org and earn Move Points for each mile you log.


After purchasing a Gold Package you will receive a unique referral link in your email receipt.

Pass this link to all your friends and family. When they purchase a Gold Package, you will both receive 50 points worth $5 in the ilovetorun shop!

Share as much as you’d like — there’s no limit on referral bonuses!

Go for gold in 2019