2019 GOLD CHALLENGE finisher's medal

$44.95 $34.95

First things first: No, this is not a real gold medal. (You thought that price was too good to be true, right?) That said, it's pretty damn special—owning this hardware means you’ve reached the finish line! 

WHAT'S INCLUDED when you purchase the medal: 

*$5.00 store credit each month - that's $60 each year!

*Chance to earn Move Points (MP)
When you log your daily miles on ILTR, manual or via tracker, you will earn Move Points for purchases. Each mile earns you 1 MP and you can earn up to 5 MP per day. For every 50 Move Points you will earn  $5.00 store credit. That’s up to $182.5 for the year!!

*Access ILTR Clubs on the platform to connect with runners like you. 

*Ability to create your own Club (private or open). Invite friends, manage Club members, see Club activity feed, and Club discussion page.

*Access to 2019 Gold Challenge Private Facebook Group - invite sent in your email receipt. 

*Togetherness, motivation and encouragement 365 days!


NOTE: the medals will start to ship out after June 1st

FREE upgrades (downgrades if necessary!). 

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